Five nights at Freddy’s

Ho-ho-ho merry Christmas! Oh, wait. But actually, you know what? It is Christmas for us boys! Legend itself called and five nights at freddy’s game is landing on our website guys! Can you believe it?  I know it sounds crazy that legendary game like FNAF which scared the tons of our beloved youtuber’s and is finally available for playing online!

I want to say that if you are still not excited about this news it means two things. One is that you are toddler and just learned how to walk or second you are grand boomer and just started to learn about video games, because overwise I can’t imagine that you have not heard about this grand horror title which was selling like hot cakes from the day of it’s release and is still holding up with ton’s of mods, remakes and whatnot.

Time to get excited boys!

All right, now that we have get ridden from that part away, let’s talk about why you should be excited that you will be able to play five nights at freddy’s games on our website. Well, first it’s FNAF and for most of you that will be enough to get excited. But second thing is that you will be able to play not only original FNAF but other versions too! Well, that is something to get really excited about is not it. I know it is! You can enjoy your beloved FNAF games on our website without any problem and any time you like! And now, let’s talk about versions we got!

five nights at freddy’s

The legend which started it all. Game that made brick the pants for most of youtuber’s and not only. Game that took horror to another level. Yes, the one and only but we have five nights at freddy’s. Because that’s how we roll! We want you to be able to play this legend anywhere without worries and know you will be able to! Well, I will give some description of this game just in case. It is not your typical horror game. By that I mean it is not shooter horror game which you are used to playing for most of part. It is kind of unique jumpscare as we call it. But oh boy it does its job really good. So, not much more to say about it. You know the rules so go and enjoy it!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

In most of cases second part of games or movies as we know are not as good as originals. There are of course exceptions and FNAF 2 is like that! One will argue that it is even better than the original game, but I will not state that here. You guys decide that on your own. One thing I can say though, is that it is truly a successor to the legend. It does not disappoint and delivers the horror aspect of the game. If you do not trust me on this one, go and see steam page for this game. It legit has the fear awards! And you know that awards are not given to just random games! So yeah, this game will not let you down. Fact is that second part is even harder than original. We got new animatronics here which pop out from nowhere.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Well, well. You may have heard that this part was one of the most anticipated one in FNAF franchise. Why? Because we did not know what was coming. Question is was it good? Well we can argue about that but in my humble opinion it was really good. Yes, it was different from original two parts. But in my opinion, it was good to make game somewhat different. To introduce new take and new characters. If you know the story in third part, we are not security guards anymore. We get to our beloved pizza house because we know we will get scared and yes things go down. Another thing I liked about this game is its secrets. Mini games were also really fun to play too. Special nightmare mode is also challenging enough. And if you are really brave you can even turn up difficulty of nightmare mode.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Talking about changes fourth part of FNAF is really another story! I mean we are not is pizza place anymore guys! Did we like it? Well most of us yes! I have read many reviews saying that FNAF 4 was not as good as other FNAF games. But I guess those guys where upset about change of place. But for me that is not a big deal. Specially when you get really good horror game as FNAF 4 is. It is hard, it is really hard! And is scary? Well I will say one thing. Golden Freddy is here with some big teeth. Do I need to say more? I guess no. One thing I specially loved about this part is that you are playing as kid. Literally child in your house. Don’t tell me that it is not scarier than being at pizza house.

Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location

Now this is really big change we got here! I would even say that is not original FNAF franchise because it is completely different game! Yes, it is FNAF related and yes, we have characters which look like original ones. But, do you remember any FNAF game which was fun? I guess no. Don’t get me wrong. This part is not comedy game. It will make you rush to your toilet, but it has some genuine fun moments in it too. I really liked that part about this game. New location is looking really good too. And we can all agree that it is one of the best-looking parts thanks to upgraded graphics. Is it hard as original series? Well maybe not. But it is not easy ride too. And there is one change too. We are not security guys anymore. We are tech guys Watson! 

Five Nights at Freddy’s world

Love it or hate it, it is still FNAF guys! I know many FNAF fans were disappointed by this game. Said that it is not FNAF and some fanfiction. Well maybe they are right. FNAF world does not look like any other FNAF game. You are not monitoring animatronics. You are not discovering weird stuff happening in your house as a kid. You are not tech guy facing Freddy’s sister. You are playing as animatronics! Yes, that part sounds weird, I agree. We got adventure and fixed party modes in this one. Can you imagine adventure in fnaf world? I heard hard time imaging that too. But, well it is a fact. You can travel the world with Freddy and other characters. Discover new areas. Face enemy’s and so on. You can also play VS mode and play against characters. So yes, there is fun to do.