Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location

Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location

Introduction and rules

Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location or as we call it Fnaf sister location is the new version of Five Nights at Freddy’s game series and is available to play online! Fourth part was different one in original series. That is true. But fnaf sister location is totally another game! Yes, you played as a kid in fourth part. Yes, golden Freddy was scary. Many of you liked that part and found it to be scary. But sister location is another great game too. We got some aspects from original. For example, you are in pizza place again! Yes, it is not the same pizza place, you are in different location, but atmosphere seems kind of same. You also get your cameras back! Even though we have new characters, they do look like originals. And it is still fnaf related game, so there is that too. And yes, to answer your question, it is scary.


Just like the first four parts this part stays true to its origins. It remains to be the horror game. Your goal stays same. You have to survive nights but this time at different place. It is pizza place. But it is not Freddy’s place anymore. We got his sister in this one. And you are not security guard anymore. You are tech guy! No, not Tony Stark. Just another IT guy. We also got mini-games and secrets as well to play around! We also get new characters, and these characters will make you scared to death once you face them. Do not your let guard down! I worn you. This game might look like it is easy but it is not. Focus and pay attention to the sounds and cameras. Otherwise, you will find yourself in coffin earlier when you might have planned.

Game modes

Single-Player is the only game mode. Developers have not hinted about possible multiplayer in this part too.

How to play Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location?

Game controls: well you still need your mouse! Even old-fashioned rolling mouse will do it. I guess you are not old enough to remember mouse which had ball inside it. But that is not the point. Point is that game controls stay same. Use your mouse and brains and you will be good to go.

Tips and Tricks:

So, you need tips? Well waiter or waitress at that dining place needed them too! Don’t worry that was a joke attempt. I got them. If you do not need them, it is your choice to skip this part. But people are different, and we are trying to please wide range of audience here. So, for the part of you which considerers that reading tips is not shame, here they are for you:

  • Listen to AI on night one, it is relatively easy, and you should be good.
  • Listen to the music, I do not mean go on youtube and turn your favorite chill music, I mean bidybabs music.
  • Flash beacon must be used when reaching freddy and bonnie.
  • Act quickly, most animatronics are fast here.
  • Beat the mini-games to get the ending.