Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Introduction and rules

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 or as usual people call it Fnaf 4 is the fourth version of Five Nights at Freddy’s game series and is available to play online! Third part was a new take on fnaf, but fourth one is really big change from originals. Yes, in third one you felt like you were on drugs. I mean, phantoms, ghosts, hallucinations. But in the end, it was all Freddy’s fault! Well in this part we are not on drugs. We are at house. Yes, we are not at pizza place anymore. We are in cozy house. And guess what? We are playing as kid. Poor kid will have to face some dark secrets of it’s teddy bear. Some say that this part was one the scariest. Maybe they are right. Only thing I can say that this part delivers some great scares you will love and hate at the same time!


Just like the first three parts this part stays true to its origins in some parts. It remains to be the horror game. Your goal stays somewhat same. You must survive nights but this time at your place. We have some step-ups too. Like new secret characters. I am not going to spoil that one for you. We got golden Freddy with some long and big teeth. Other animatronics look scarier in this part too. You will face old friends to say at least. And they will be joined with new guys. Is this game tense? Well, you are kid lurking around in the dark in your house. And you are about to face Golden Freddy. You got no security doors and no Freddy mask. So, is this game tense? I guess you will figure it out on your own.

Game modes

Single-Player. Modes have not changed here too. Developers have not hinted about multiplier for any fnaf game so far.

How to play Five Nights at Freddy’s 4?

Game controls: just like the originals! Use your hand-eye coordination. Use your mouth to scream when you get scared. And most importantly use your mouse! Go to gym and work your arms to move your mouse faster!

Tips and Tricks:

Pure little kid facing this terror. I mean little kid will need some tips, right? Well, no. Some of you might be so experienced that you don’t need it. But some of us do need them. So, for ones who are not experts, here are the tips:

  • Listen, I mean listen carefully to the animatronics! You won’t be able to see them, so be all ears!
  • Pay attention to the sound of animatronics! They sound different when they are standing in the shadow of open doors.
  • You hear weird sound? Shut the door as fast as you can! Do not think twice.
  • Checking behind your back from time to time won’t hurt. Yes, they might appear from back!
  • Checking the closet is not necessary unless you see it move or hear the creak. Pay attention to that sounds!
  • Shut the closet door as soon as you see foxy. Believe me time here is limited!
  • Nightmare Freddy will come closer if you light on it! Do not be fool and just shut the door up!