Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Introduction and rules

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 or as people in general call it Fnaf 2 is the second part of Five Nights at Freddy’s game series and is available to play online! Well, you loved and hated to be scared to death in first part? I know you did! But, let me warn you that you will be scared to death in second one! So, I would suggest you have 911 on dial up, just in case. If you are Canadian or European you don’t have to worry about medical bills after your heart attack, but if your country does not have free healthcare, well, I feel sorry for you, and you should decide if this game is worth it. Why, is this part so scary? Well because you do not have any security doors! That means that it is harder to survive the nights! Yes, you got your Freddy mask. And it works to fool them sometimes. But in the end, we all know that death is coming and there is no place where you will feel safe! You won’t be able to stop them!


Just like the first one this part stays true to its origins. I mean that it is the horror game. Your goal stays same. You must survive nights at Freddy’s pizza place. You are still security guy which ended up in this strange place. Being honest I would run out from this place just after seeing this animatronics. But it is not my game and developers are deciding on that part. All right, so what has changed since the first one? Well, we got new boys in pizza place! Yes, we do have new animatronics! But thing we do not have is security doors! Yikes! It makes this part hard and challenging to play! We got Freddy mask to fool our boys, but it is not as good as doors. Tension in this part is above the roof!

Game modes

Single-Player is only available mode. Just like the first one, second part is not available online. It would be weird to have multiplayer experience in fnaf world.

How to play Five Nights at Freddy’s 2?

Game controls: this one stayed same too. Lay back on your chair and use power of your mouse! If your mouse is powerful enough, you will be able to beat this game!

Tips and Tricks:

I know it is not complicated game as silent hill. But we do still need some tips, right? Well, most of us do. If you are expert like Markiplier, then sorry. But if you are casual player like me when you will find these helpful. Here are the tips:

  • Night 1 is relatively easy, but do not forget to wind up music box mate!
  • Do not get scared of toy chica. I know it looks scary, but it won’t kill you.
  • Mangle is tricky one. You think it is no big harm, but it is. If you hear the voice, put up mask and wait. When you hear that voice has stopped you can put mask down.
  • Flash foxy for about 3-5 seconds. Save the battery for later.
  • Balloon boy is scary as hell! You hear it talking but don’t know where it is. Well, I got tip for you. Fourth time it talks it will be in vent! Keep that in mind.